Let me try!

So I want to try new things but I never know where to start. I am in my 40’s and a mother of 4 ages from 22 -12. Two boys and two girls I love them all dearly and been married for 23 years. Not that things have always been easy or have ever been easy lol but I love my life none the less. I contribute that to my wonderful childhood and my parents who raised me to always try and find the good even when things are not so good. I always wanted to try a blog and I actually started working a little on one on our family site, www.rmjohnston.webs.com I enjoy working on that site when I can. I say my dream job is to be able to open an animal shelter for strays but I do not think I will ever have the money to do that, we struggle with that a lot. I try so heard to help our 2 oldest through college so they don’t have to take out so many loans but when you don’t have the best credit and work at a mission then we have to do what is we can and trust the Lord will take care of what is needed.  I hope I can really make something of this blog I enjoy talking and writing about everyday things. My daughters and I are always thinking of things we could do to make money but I never know why because we don’t have the time to make things like we want or the money for supplies half the time, lol. Let me see there was the talk of making wreathes, making cross stitch bibs for babies, making our own photography business, well those are a fell things we all enjoy doing that we thought we could make money with too.  It is a little funny to think about because I am sure there are so many others that have had the same kind of dreams but what I really enjoy the most is giving to others. My daughter loves writing poems and she has started some songs and of course I think she is great and have asked her to submit them for contest so it could help her with college maybe but of course she is just happy showing them to her family and friends and has a very good attitude about things working out with finances.  I am so proud of my children for having positive attitudes.

I want to know what are good things to blog about. Can you help me get started with this. I think it is going to be really fun.