Wow where do I start. My name is Melissa Johnston, I was born and raised a military brat, Air Force to be specific! There for I lived all over the world. I then married the love of my live who was also in the Air Force so for 39 years of my 43 I have been part of the military life one way or another. We have 4 wonderful kids most all grown and I think the Lord for all the blessing he has given me all the time. I love the Lord with all my heart and I am so thankful for my family that loves him and they all have great hearts. We all love helping others. It probably sounds like I have a great and perfect life well no way that is true. I do however try and see the good in all people and all things even when I am going through the hard times. Now don’t get me wrong because at some point if I stick with this blog you will hear some negative come from me, I mean I am human. My husband and I work at a group home and things get very stressful at times but I try very hard to depend on the Lord to get me through. I kind of talked about myself in my first blog so until I really think of more I want to share I am going to leave it at this for now. Please share any advice you may have with me.


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